Batik Jelly Shake up

Elvida is getting ready for Christmas this year and she has been dropping off 2 quilts each month..and when she comes to pick up the next two she drops off 2 more.



She likes loose all over quilting….and she has decided she is only using stash this year. She has been collecting for a long time…and she needs to use it…Boy do I know how she feels! LOL

She used the same technique for making all of her blocks..she just set them differently. she likes the more random blocks better than the squares….I don’t know…I like each of them.

IMG_1441 IMG_1442 IMG_1443 IMG_1444

Loosey -goosey swirls!

IMG_1455 IMG_1456FUN!

I wonder if I will love all of the fabrics in my stash 20 years from now? what about you?

Thanks Elvida! See ya in a few weeks.

I hope you all have a bright colorful week!



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