Batik Double Wedding Ring

We all know what a difficult task it is to make a double wedding ring. I have quilted many…but have not actually pieced one. It’s an elusive task that I am not yet willing to tackle. I am not sure why?…..I have done curved piecing ect. I just haven’t felt the need to tackle it just yet. 🙂


Kim sent this one…and she is going to scallop the wasn’t market yet…so I did a bunch of yummy Charisma Curls to fill it all in.

046 047I quilted a continuous curve flower in the center….and continuous curves in the jewels that meet together in the center of the rings. Teh colro way & fabrics were beautiful.

048 049 050The lighting was terrible all last week when I took these photos..the pictures just don’t give it justice. 🙁

051 052I did use a double it’s really heavy and going to be really warm.

Thanks K! It’s a pleasure working with you!

I hope you love your quilts!

Blessings to all of you!


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