Batik Barn Raising

Kathy sent me this quilt…we have spoken a few times and shared. I have quilted for some of her friends….but I haven’t quilted for her before this. She is a pleasure to work with and a great piecer. She requested feathers-feathers-feathers.IMG_4610 IMG_4611 IMG_4612 IMG_4613 IMG_4614

I have used my feathers in this style many times on log cabins like this and it’s a frequent request. I love the texture and the kind of romantic feel of them ( I know I am pretty hopeless about that)IMG_4615 IMG_4614

Not only do I love her choices of fabric on the front with all those batiks..but her pieced backing is just so beautiful! and I didn’t have one issue…Great piecing! Great colors and I am just excited to work on another beautiful project! Thanks so much!IMG_4616

One thought on “Batik Barn Raising

  1. Oh, Charisma it’s gorgeous!!! I can’t thank you enough for bringing it to life! You are so talented and I am so happy that I was able to finally have you quilt something for me. I am so looking forward to seeing it in person because I’m sure it will be even prettier up close! Thanks again!

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