Barn Raising Log Cabin

Do you ever wonder how they come up with these names?

Log cabin refers to the block….and Barn raising is the pattern in which the blocks are arranged.

Denise sent this quilt. I wish you could see all the of them is a gold dusted fariy frost so it has just the right glimmer.

This is a wedding gift and her only request was that I used two different thread colors. Sure…no problem.

Charisma Curls, leaves, feathers, and feathered wreaths. BEAUTIFUL! The back is a really nice muslin..which shows every stitch….Love that part! I fall more and more in love with whole cloth quilting anytime I see a plain backing like this. I really want to work on a zen doodle…just so I can see all of my quilting. My list of quilts is long. That’s the beautiful part about my job..all the inspriation.

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