Carolyn and I have worked together many times…she makes beautiful quilts. IMG_4375 IMG_4374

You know there are some people who have a style..and make many similar type quilts? Carolyn is not one of them. Every time she sends a quilts it’s something different, new, different color ways …everything. Of course She is usually making them for a charity or specific person..and that has a lot to do with it….I tend to gravitate towards pink and bright…LOL. So I always think mine look the same.IMG_4373 IMG_4372 IMG_4371

Anyway….She made this quilt for her Grand daughter as a house warming gift. A wall hanging that she wants to say “I love you”…so she made it special just for this occasion. It is beautiful and perfectly pieced. I had fun going in the little trail-ways and making it all come to life. Feathers, swirls, lines & a wood grain border.IMG_4378 IMG_4377


I hope I added all that it needed.:)

Thanks Carolyn! always a pleasure working with you!


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