Baptist Fans on my Vintage 1929

Oh Am I so glad that I have this Baptist fan template from Loricles.

I posted about my quilt here. I really thought I would be showing you my other first..Beth already has it for binding…I will post this one again after it’s bound and I get my special label and pocket made. I so wanted to get this one quilted..I love it so ….and I thought at 10 pm last night I could do that…then 12:30 Am rolled around and I put in the last stitch..LOL. who needs sleep? I was concerned about it all quilting out…but it worked fabulous..and I am so much more happy with the fans than a stipple.

So does anyone know why they are called Baptist Fans? Why aren’t they called Lutheran Fans…or Methodist fans? Or something else? Anyone? Anyone?



2 thoughts on “Baptist Fans on my Vintage 1929

  1. beautiful i love the BF looks great….i believe they call it that because in the south its primarily southern baptist churches…one on every corner and way back when in the old south women would use fans in church to keep cool…but i could be wrong lol

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