Bali-Pop Strips

Well you know I quilt for my LQS The Fabric Patch..the best quilt store around *wink*
They are getting some shop samples ready for the new class schedule and this one is one of the quilts for the new breakfast club Cindi asked me if I would quilt it..I thought it was so pretty..she said I could do whatever I wanted..I could have fun I immediately thought of some ferny-type feathers in the bali-pop batik strips Ibroke them up into groupings..or individual stirps based upon how they were sewen into the columns and then designated a design for each lets me kind of practice some things and also provide makes the quilt more interesting to have all the different least it does to me. There is everything, swirls, pebbling, feathers, waves, bricks..ect.
Oh I just LOVE it!
Thanks for looking.

5 thoughts on “Bali-Pop Strips

  1. What a beautiful quilt, and what a wonderful way to make a sampler of quilting designs. Again, you have demonstrated your exceptional talent.

  2. I think the pastel colors and the quilting are so pretty…I love this one too. Gosh do you get tired of hearing that?

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