Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

Well yesterday I posted a simple picture on my Fb page of what I was making for dinner.

Bacone wrapped meatloafI had requests for the recipe.

I am not real good with measurements when I am just cooking on my own…I just wing everything and it usually turns out. I have to admit that the bacon & cheese idea isn’t mine originally. I had seen several bacon wrapped item on my FB feed lately…and decided to try it with my own meatloaf recipe.  So I am posting my recipe here..which will feed a small army….but honestly meatloaf freezes well. So you could freeze any leftovers…or make a meal for a friend. We all know people who would love a meal brought to them. Now that I can’t eat and 2 kids have left this will make 3-4 meals for us.

3 pounds of lean hamburger meat

1.5 pounds of Italian sausage

4-5  large eggs

1 large onion chopped

1 large zucchini or eggplant shredded ( I add this for extra veggies but it also adds some moisture to the mix.)

a couple tablespoons or Worcestershire sauce

a tablespoon of Johnny’s season salt

a tablespoon of garlic powder

a teaspoon of italian seasoning

black pepper

red pepper flakes….about a teaspoon

Then bread crumbs. Some people use crackers or real bread crumbs. I will use those if needed. But my family is terrible about eating the ends of bread loaves so I just save those in the freezer. I don’t dry them out. I just freeze them and as they collect I just pull out however many I need for meatloaf. I really hate wasting food. (When you grow up’s kind of a thing…nothing my kids understand…at all! ugh!!) I would say I used about 16 slices of bread total.  I just tear the bread into smaller pieces. I will also use any type of bread, white, wheat multigrain… doesn’t matter. I just try to guage how moist the meat is as I am mixing everything in. If it needs more bread then I will add more. But I promise it seems like a lot but the meatloaf is not dry at all it’s very moist and yummy.

So you mix all above ingredients…in a huge mixing bowl. I just use my hands and really work it all in together. Not my favorite part…but necessary.

So with my normal meatloaf recipe ( all of the above) I just put the mix into extra large muffin cups  and add ketchup to the top and bake until they are ready. About 45 mins on 350 degrees.

We really like the baked ketchup…but that is also personal preference.

But if you wanted to make the bacon wrapped meatloaf you will need

1 pound of bacon for each loaf you make

grated mozarella cheese. about 12 ounces for each loaf.

I just made a weave of bacon on my cookie sheet using a pound of bacon

Then I added dollops of meatloaf on top and then spread it being careful to create a square on top of the grid. … can see in the picture above that I left a little bit of bacon around the edges of my meatloaf. There was no need for toothpicks of anything to hold anything in place. I spread the cheese and then grabbed one side of the bacon and rolled it up. It rolls very easily…..the bacon stretches nicely and nothing falls out.

I made 2 of these for my family and that was enough to feed all of us.

I baked both of these on the same pan for an hour on 350 degrees. However, I know many ovens vary in degrees and times may change. So I would check on it at about 40-50 minutes. If you cook just one…time may be less as well.

I had enough meatloaf mix leftover to create 5 mini loaves as well.

I hope you all like my recipe. Let me know if you try it!

Blessings Charisma




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