Baby Animals

Robert sent these little cuties from the west coast of WA. 🙂

Here in WA there is the “west coast” which refers to not the “greater” west coast but it refers to Seattle and it’s area. Then in Seattle everything on the east coast refers to us. LOL. I didn’t know that until I lived here in the central part of the state. When the locals get upset during the summer months because the “coasties” come through our area and do whatever they want. LOL   I had to ask what all of that was about. IMG_7851

But anyway Robert has a HUGE heart and he is always making gifts for others. These two baby quilts are part of that process. IMG_7850

Beth is getting another delivery this week and these will be part of that. Robert made some things for her so they are trading labor…nice right? We are all just wheelin & dealin around here. 🙂

Thanks Guys! I am glad to be a part of it!





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