Bab’s Peacocks

Bab sent this. It’s our first time working together. IMG_7611

She is an excellent piecer. It’s a perfect quilt. It’s very soft & subtle even though those paper pieced points are steep. It’s her soft fabric choices. IMG_7612 IMG_7613

All the fabrics are batiks. The darker border fabric has peacocks. 🙂IMG_7615 IMG_7616
We went with a feather theme. I quilted very swirly active feathers in the outer border to give it some movement. Then in each row/column I quilted rotating feathers. It was so fun to quilt. Love the finish!IMG_7617

Thanks Babs! I t was a pleasure working with you. I will ship it out tomorrow. IMG_7618

It is very difficult to get good pictures in the lighting I have right now. So the pictures aren’t the best. 🙁


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