So before I got my long arm I had a little obsession.

It is a book (s) called Material Obsession 1&2.

The theory is modern quilts with traditional roots. The books start from very simplistic projects and then work up to more difficult patterns. I have made several quilts from these books…because they just appeal to me. I love to mix traditional and modern. It was my style before I knew it was a style.

Anyway this quilt is called Avalon. It is the first quilt in the first book. This quilt is perfect for a quick and easy project that showcases your favorite fabrics. Anybody that has quilted could put this quilt together without a pattern….but it is always nice to revisit something simple. Especially after you have pieced a difficult quilt….or if you need a quick project to give as a gift…this is perfect!

I chose to use some of my favorite Rowan fabrics. Martha Negley, Kaffe, Mabley, &Jacobs. I LOVED that sashing and border fabric so much I bought a whole bolt. I have used it in several projects ..I even have a shirt made from it. Lovely.

I made it a few summers ago….and it has been sitting here not quilted because I couldn’t decide hwo I wanted to quilt it. I also actually pieced a backing fabric of another Philip Jacobs fabric to match ..but last night while getting ready to load it and figuring out how I was going to quilt it….I thought I would prefer to use a plain white backing because then I could see my quilting design. I happened to have some in my stash….I am so glad I changed….I LOVE the back as much as the front.

I quilted a spiraly feather thingy ( that I have never quilted before cause I just kind of went with it) in every other square..the rest got an all over swirl….because it seemed to go well with the theme of the quilt..creates movement ….I just LOVE this quilt! It appeals to all my senses.

2 thoughts on “AVALON

  1. Wow love love the fabrics…do you ever order online? and from where? I ordered some from connecting thread and was kind of disappointed…bought some bundles of thread and have been having problems with it breaking and kind of like raveling (do you know what i mean kind of like only part goes thru needle and when you realize it you have to rip out and start over) so my question is where can you get some of your fabrics ( I love your taste) and what kind of thread is good…Blessings T

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