It’s here. It’s so much cooler out. I love that.

I love the fresh air feelings. I love apples. I live in apple country. I love apple pie, cider, dumplings, pancakes….empanadas, carmel apples…I am kind of like Bubba ( of the Bubba- Gump Shrimp Corp) but instead of shrimp…..I am that way with apples. Apple stuffing, friend apples, apple fritters, apple butter, apple sauce…see? Apple harvest goes a bit later in the year.

One year all we ate was apple everything…my family got so sick of them…..I didn’t. weird. Right? I am like that though. I can hear the same song 1000 times in a row..I can eat the same pot of soup for a week….and watch the same program for 20 years ( golden girls) and never get sick of it.

I wish I could have fall season all year long….I think I would appreciate it just as much. It’s the best time of year. Spring is good too….but I know Spring is just the transition into summer…and summer is always awful for me. the heat kills me. I like the new beginnings Spring provides…so I will deal with it. Fall though. Fall is perfect weather , nice warm colors….and the transition to winter…a dormant time. a time for rest and closeness. Holidays and celebrations.

That’s how it is for me anyway. In the background we get a whiff of apple cider…apple pies baking and apple cake with cream cheese icing. YUMMY! Everything is just a bit better with apples.

So here is my recipe for apple cider:

I have a Coffee Urn that I put on the counter and fill with a gallon of Apple juice or cider. Then I add a cup of brown sugar, A few cinnamon sticks,  a few tablespoons of dehydrated orange peels, and some  cloves. I let it simmer all day and YUMMY! It smells so nice and tastes even better.

When my kids get home from school they will drink a whole gallon and eat some popcorn (preferably peanut butter popcorn)

I hope you all enjoy the season!


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