Atlanta….Here I Come!

So today I am on my way to Atlanta, Georgia. I have never really spent any time in the south. I have passed through the south to get to Haiti. I also passed through the south to get to another one of my mission destinations.

Rob “Is kind of a big Deal” as he says……Because he passed a certification for his business this year and he was the first one in the country to pass this course. It was a year long process. SO he is being recognized at a conference for his field. So his work is flying him to Atlanta, GA for this conference. They paid for his air fare and hotel. Rob has plenty of vacation time left this year….so we added a few extra days and a plane ticket for myself. The hotel they booked just so happens to be the chain that my brother works for….so our extra days were at a great discount. See how God just worked all of that out for us? We get to go on vacation for as much as it would have cost us to go to Seattle (which is only about 2 hours from us). So he will be in a conference for 3 days…..and on those 3 days I get to meet some quilters! I get to go to quilt shops and experience some southern cuisine. I have heard lots of southern food meals..and I have tried some Paula Dean recipes……but I doubt it’s the same. I want to experience some of the south. I have seen every episode of the Golden Girls like 50 times….and I believe Blanche Devaruex was from Georgia. So I know lots of references from that show…LOL!


So this will be my first time visiting the south. I can’t wait! I haven’t been able to sleep for days. For several reasons. Let’s take a trip through Charisma’s mind.

First set of  reasons: Paranoia

1. Should we be leaving the kids?

2. What happens if Rob and I don’t make it home?

3. A vacation is so selfish…..should I be doing this?

4. Will the kids be good while we are gone.

5. Will Donna be my friend after we get back? ( she is staying with my kids) She will see how crazy we live everyday. I have been able to hide that for several years. *wink*

6. Spending time in the big city as much as I love it..always causes me fear because I can’t be comfortable always looking over my shoulder and worrying about crime. Seriously living in a small town has given me comfort. Half the time you know the people around you where ever you go. If I go shopping on a Saturday morning…I will most likely spend 3 hours at Wal-mart because I will run into so many people I stop & talk to…catch up time.

7. Will I forget anything I need to pack

8. How much cash do I take? DO I have everything in order in case I am robbed…and need to get home?

9. What if the people I meet don’t like me in person?

10. Traveling. I am not the best traveler-> I have to admit. Ironically  ( as paranoid as I am) worrying about a plane crash or something doesn’t get to me. It’s sitting still, getting comfortable and keeping myself occupied. Rob isn’t a talker. So this means that I have to read or sew or something. Or hope that the stranger next to me is a talker and we have something in common. I have to keep my mind occupied so the time passes quickly.

So those are my paranoia reasons. I know I can’t live in fear….so I just push through those and reason everything out in my mind…but until I actually get out of town and face it..they haunt me…until I actually go through the motions.

So reason 2 that I can’t sleep: ALL OF THE THINGS I HAVE TO DO BEFORE I LEAVE.

1. Pack ( do I have everything?)

2. Are all of my quilts done that need to be done. I HATE missing promised deadlines. I think I have only done that one time..I am very diligent about keeping promises.

3. Type up menu plan and rules for kids

4. Prepare Donna

5. Prepare kids ( put the fear of GOD in them if they do anything terrible!)

6. Pre-pay bills so I don’t have to worry about it while I am gone

7. Get some blog posts typed

8. Prepare house for a guest

9. Grocery shopping

10. Arrange transportation

11. Plan trip

12. SO many things………it consumes me. I apparently do a lot everyday to keep this house going!

Reason 3 that I can’t sleep: EXCITEMENT!

1. I am going on VACATION!!!! YAY!  Rob and I have not been on a vacation (alone) together for 10 years.

2. I get to meet people that I have talked to for years. We have shared, laughed , cried together yet never met. People I would have never met if not for the internet and quilting. I also get to meet up with Marilyn..we’ve met before…but we get to meet again. 🙂


4. FOOD!

5. New sights, sounds, experiences. Rob and I have plenty of tourist activities planned. (I am going to break my  no soda rule to visit the Coca-Cola factory)

6. NO work for 7 days. No housework. No real work. No paperwork. No bill paying. No grocery shopping. NO insurance or doctor calls.

I guess that’s enough reasons to not sleep…..but I honestly have to say ..>WHY????? I am not sure why this stuff still keeps me up at night. It ALWAYS-ALWAYS works out! I keep telling myself that…and yet it still keeps me awake. So I just have to get up and go with it all.

I know many people probably wouldn’t post when they are leaving on vacation for fear of house robbery?? But I will still have someone home. SO no worries. 🙂 Do you know this is conference week for my kids. The last 3 conferences Rob and I have been out of town. My kids are feeling neglected because we have had to send other people in our places. My Pastor is the one who would go to their conferences in the past….. this time they have to meet with the principal. 🙁 We miss our Church & Pastors. But we have all moved on. 🙂

I hope you all have a great day! I am praying my trip goes fast today!






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