Asterisk Quilt



In 2012 Craftsy had a free BOM program. I didn’t make the whole quilt…..I just really liked the first block.

Which you can get here.  

. That link is a video tutorial…with very good instruction. You can also get the downloadable pattern. So I joined a  few Flickr groups in 2013 and asked for the asterisk block for my  Swap block. One of the groups was a Solids only group. And the other group was a whatever you have in your stash type thing. In the end I put all of the solids together with a few of my blocks from the other group as well. It makes a small baby size or wall hanging size. Very clear that the blocks didn’t go together . You can see that one here.

So I took the rest of them and pulled various fat quarters and scraps or smaller cuts of fabric from my stash and kept cutting squares for my blocks until I had enough to make 48 blocks ( that includes my already finished ones…which was only like 9..LOL)

I have decided to hit my UFO list pretty hard again and just get some of these projects finished.




I LOVE this quilt top. There are some impefections…for sure..not everything lined up well…I think that happens in swap quilts sometimes..but also thee are so many factors that have to line up perfectly with this block as you are ironing, cutting folding ect. That I think it leaves a huge margin for error…..but I don’t care. I love it. I love that I have pops of red and I love a really good floral quilt. I have modern florals, 30’s, regular florals ect. I think at the end of my fabric fast this is kind of what all my quilts will look like because I love pink & yellow and seem to buy lots of it. Some of my favorite-favorite stash pieces are in this quilt. I have been hoarding them for several years….now to see them in their glory….LOL .



So now I am trying to decide how I am going to quilt this?

I need to make a backing & cut binding for it….so that will give me time to decide.

I hope you all have a great day!

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