Asterisk Quilt-quilted

So I shared this a little while back. HERE.



It’s a beautiful quilt…at least to me. It’s all of those yummy fabrics that I love. The color pallet is just so me.

So I debated and debated on this quilt……custom or all over quilting?? Custom was going to show all of the imperfections even more… I just decided to quilt all over flowers. I am glad I went with that. I love the design. It was relaxing to quilt and I think it just completes it.



I used a cotton batting. I decided that this would be a perfect quilt to get comfy with…so if it got the vintage crinkly look I would love it even more. As much as I love it…I am actually thinking of gifting it to someone special….that I know her favorite color is Pink… I know a pink lover would appreciate it. You know since it’s all bubble gummy!



Anyway …I get to mark this one finished! YAY!


I also used all of the rest of my flannel yardage for this quilt….I am going to try and piece another backing from the scraps of flannel I have left from the last two flannel backs I have made. I love a flannel backing….so I don’t want to waste it….and I still have a few more backings to make..(since I can’t buy anymore…LOL.) Desperate times call for desperate measures…just saying!

Have a great day!

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