Asian Fans

Donna made this quilt. I am not sure what the pattern name is but she said she got it from Keepsake quilting. She chose her own fabrics…all Asian prints. IMG_8113

It is beautiful! IMG_8122

I have a collection of Asian prints myself…I have a few patterns I want to make with them…but have not made it on the cutting table yet. I just knew that the filler should be the swirls because they were in several of the prints. The final borer has swirling feathers on the print so I put a feather I the border.  I also quilted continuous curves, loops, back & forth lines  and L’s. Several of my favorites…they just all came together so beautifully. IMG_8117 IMG_8118

Donna always pieces beautifully. She comes from a long line of sewers & quilters. I quilt for her sister as well. They get together with their other sister and take trips to Hawaii and everywhere else carting their sewing machines so they they can sew together. Isn’t that AWESOME? IMG_8114

I love the little dragon flies that make their way across the quilt….just a little “glitter” right?IMG_8116IMG_8119 IMG_8120


Then the back..a beautiful Asian print to bring it all together. IMG_8121

It’s always a pleasure working with Donna! Thanks so much.

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