Applique in a Day

Eleanor Burns is a quilting hero that has been in the industry for decades and she makes everything seem easy and achievable, right?

Andrea made this “Applique in a Day quilt” I immediately asked Andrea……”Did you really make that in a day?” LOL That doesn’t seem possible…she didn’t.



But it’s beautiful no matter how long it took.



I quilted it with several different colors of thread so it was quite a process rolling thorugh so many times…but the end product is so beautiful. I have had it folded up in the studio and the people that come into drop off & pick up had to just look at it and ooo & Ahhhh. I have had it to get pictures’s all cream and I needed the right lighting and space. This is the best I could do this time of year….but I think the pictures capture enough that you can see how it looks…..although the pictures don’t do it justice. I used two layers of batting.

Here are some close ups of the blocks:

IMG_0603 IMG_0602 IMG_0601 IMG_0600 This is the back:

IMG_0605Stunning! I am so happy with it!

Thanks Andrea! It’s a pleasure working with you! Merry Christmas!




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