Antique Flowers from Grandma


Kathy brought me another quilt from her grandma. Her grandmother has passed …but as a gift to her family she left several dozen finished quilt tops. For holidays and special events ( weddings, babies, ect) and with each event the recipient gets to choose one of the tops and Kathy and her mom bring it to me to quilt and then they finish them up and gift them.

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I think it’s so awesome to be a part of this…3 generations of women are working on the quilt within the family and gifting it to someone in the 4th of 5th generation of this family. SO awesome!


Some of the fabrics aren’t cotton…this one was…but she used what she had..and she made good use of every fabric. All of the flowers were zig-zag stitched and carefully put together. 

I quilted all over Charisma Curls and left the flowers to shine in this garden. 


Thanks Kathy! I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday!



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