Another scrappy making it’s way home

Annette is working hard trying to whittle her scrap box down to nothing…She said her goal is to just send me back an envelope of crumbs..I like that plan! Two thumbs up!

So this is the latest edition from her scrap box! How great is this? I love it!

I better start getting my budget in order to buy backings for all these quilts….and then I will have a ton of scraps again..LOL The cycle is endless. That’s Ok..I love to see what you all come up with.

2 thoughts on “Another scrappy making it’s way home

  1. Love the look of this.

    C, you should wait and see what other scrap quilts you get you may be able to use two to make a double sided quilt!

    I know as a LAer you love to have a solid back to admire all that yummy texture but with all the scrap quilts you are getting I bet you could double up and use one as a backing by just adding a bit of fabric on the ends to attach to the leaders.

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