Another Scrappy Arrived Home Today!

Oh I am just so excited! I can hardly contain myself with all the quilts that re coming home to me..

Teresa made this for me…..all needle turn applique..she knows how much I LOVE it! I also got a nice picture the leaves in the center are made from minkeee….oh they are just so beautiful! I can’t wait to quilt this! It’s so adorable! THANK YOU! T! You know how much I LOVE you!

I can’t wait to quilt this! It’s going to be so much fun to add embelishments and definition to this…I can almost see some beading in my future.

Oh this is like by Birthday!

One thought on “Another Scrappy Arrived Home Today!

  1. Charisma I am so glad you like it…I made many mistakes but I guess it is like they say practice makes perfect…I do love you and all of your love of life and out LORD… I was scared to send it to you because of the wonderful work you do but Don my husband said honey she can make it look beautiful with her was trying to make me feel better but then he is correct..your quilting and my mistakes will not be as noticeble…thanks so much for saying you like it and be sure and let me see you make it beautiful…Hugs T

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