Another Big Texan….on It’s way Home.

Well this time last year La La Lori asked me if I wold be willing to quilt her first quilt. She showed me pictures of her first quilt which was this same exact pattern. I big quilt with the shape of Texas in a patchwork type theme. I thought that was so ambitious as a first quilt.

I also think there is no other state in the USA with as much PRIDE as Texas! LOL. I am pretty sure nobody I know around here wants the top of their bed covered with the state of Washington. LOL But we gotta LOVE those Texans!

So when we discussed quilting patterns I was a bit hesitant….it was her first quilt and as a quilter you don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder …right? She said there had to be long horns somewhere on the quilt. At first we had discussed an allover type of design with western themes. OKay.

Well she mailed the quilt and that happened to be when a FLOOD of quilts came in last year..when it finally dawned on me that I could make this a business because I received an ENORMOUS amount of quilts within two was insane really….I kept putting off the quilt…Lori finally emailed me and said”Are you uninspired”..”Is there and issue?” LOL I was actually tossing around this “other” idea and I didn’t know how to say it to her. I asked her if we could change our original plans….If she trusted me? She said “yes” and said I wouldn’t be stealing her thunder I would be “amplifying” her work! YAY! That is just what I needed to hear. SO in TEXAS fashion I thought “BIG” Everything is “BIG” in Texas right?

So this is what I came up with..these sketches of a bull rider in a star, A steer head in a star, and a few desert scenes at the bottom. I was so proud of this quilt! When we posted the first quilt…it got RAVE reviews..I was also given the title of “Honorary Texan”…. WOW! I do feel honored.

So now a year later Lori makes these and sells them (if anyone would like pricing info just email me at …they are big quilts that cover a king Size bed nicely….and I have quilted several for her..even a baby sized one.

Thanks Lori for taking a chance on me a YEAR ago…..I love you!





One thought on “Another Big Texan….on It’s way Home.

  1. Charisma,

    Dear Lady
    Yet again, you leave me in utter awe!
    If it is EVEN possible, I do believe you have out done yourself.
    I didn’t tell you, but this quilt is going to a very dear and special friend … there is not another person on earth I’d have trusted it to.

    I love quilting and she will too.

    Thank you so much for sharing your exquisite talent with me.

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

    La La Lori

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