Amy Butler Trees

You all know what a big fan I am of Amy Butler designs…I have been a fan since Gypsy caravan…..I have been hoarding that fabric for years then they re-released it this last summer..LOL…oh well. I got some pieces that were not released. I save all of my “Amy” fabric for all my special projects. Especially ones that I will never part with……her fabrics are just by far my fav. I love Kaffe as well…but I think because so many more people like his fabrics…they are more readily available to me…but Amy fabrics…I have to always order on-line.

Anyway I got this last batch from Pink castle fabrics….and I just knew these trees could be a cheater quilt. I could have done some custom quilting….but I really want to show different options that I can offer. So I used a loricletemplate and quilted clam shells…in the center. I custom quilted the borders. Love the bright fiunky green…along with the pink blossom trees.

I used hobbs polydown batting….and omny thread.

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