Amish with a Twist 2

Donna sent a few more quilts my way for a quilt show in Carthage, TX. 🙂 We have placed before ….so fabulous!



Last year she made Amish with a twist…so this year she made number 2. It’s just as beautiful! WOWZA!



I have had some really great quilts come across the frame recently….( well I always do) I have had to really think about some of these. I did change threads on this one…I just couldn’t make 1 color work across the whole quilt.

I of course wanted to make the pathways in the quilt really clear with the quilting by creating different textures in each section. I also did a lot of ruler work to help with that. I also did individual block work to bring out the best in each block.


I quilted stars in the corner stones…:)

IMG_1359It’s all about mixing & matching designs to create texture. Swirling feathers frame it all in.

IMG_1360I am in love.

IMG_1358Here is the back:


Thanks Donna! always a pleasure working with you!



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