Amish Jewels

Pam also sent this quilt to me.

I try really hard to just compliment the work of the piecer. Part of that is by choosing a thread color that won’t detract from the quilt itself. There is actually a couple reasons for choosing a blended thread…highcontrast thread will show every single flub a quilter makes…so we tend to stay away from high contrast thread anyway…but alsowe don’t want to take away from the piecing. My position is to make the piecer shine..not take away. Of course unless they tell me too.My own quilts I can do whatever because if I am the quilter I don’t mind if the quilting shines. In this case Pam told me to do what I wanted…whatever I would do with my own quilt. LOL That’s always confusing. So I made a compromise.

I quilted with black thread..except for teh center medallion area I went back with a variegated primary colored thread and quilted in a few colorful designs…just to add a bit of sparkle. Love that!


3 thoughts on “Amish Jewels

  1. You are gotten to be such a great quilter, Charisma. You absolutely inspire me. By the way, I liked your post about your baptism too. I’m the only one in my family who goes to church.

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