Americana Stars

Pam brought two of these quilts a week apart..she was on a deadline for them and I was quilting them as she was making them. haha!

So I only have pictures of one..but they were both the same & quilted the same. 🙂



I have been quilting for Pam since i started quilting..I love her style and fabric choices…she always does beautiful work and I am just getting to know her a bit better ..we are kindred spirits. (KS)  🙂 I love when I meet KS.


I quilted all over loops & stars ..except in the pieced stars I continuous curved those to help them stand out a bit more.

008Here’s the back:


This is a donation quilt….so she had to pick it up to get it bound and ready to go. Thanks Pam! always a pleasure to work for you.

Many blessings to the person who receives this gem.




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