Americana By Hope

I thought this a perfect day to post these. It’s Labor day. All about Working People in America. America the Beautiful!

Hope sent these quilts. She made them for her Grandsons.

They are pieced beautifully and perfect for little boys. Or grown boys. Either way…I have 4 boys and the Americana colors are always welcome. There is always something warm and inviting with these fabrics….and they are comforting because of what they represent.

IMG_9916 IMG_9917 IMG_9918 IMG_9919 IMG_9920



I quilted each one with stars, loops, stipple, l’s & e’s……I just accented each area and brought in texture. I wanted the stars to really shine.

IMG_9921 IMG_9922 IMG_9923 IMG_9924 IMG_9925

again the lighting wasn’t exactly cooperative……..but I think you can get a rough idea of how I quilted them..

Thanks Hope! It’s always a pleasure working with you!




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