American Made Brand

So I think it is no secret that I love solid fabrics. I do!

I also love America! I have written about this numerous times.

I am so excited to share the fact that American Made Brand ( AMB)  Fabrics is working with me! I got my first package today with my swatch card and everything that I need to make my sample for my first magazine publication. ( I have a second one in the works now as well….and YUP!!  AMB  said they will supply the fabrics for that project as well.) YAY!!

I love that they are in Seattle so I am not only supporting an American Co …but also a company in WA. The Pacific Northwest will always be my home. I may not live in WA for ever ( in fact I am phasing into the next move that I make) ….but I love the PNW and I don’t ever want to leave.

So needless to say I am over-the-moon excited about all of this.

I have to tell you that the out pouring of love and support from all of you has been amazing! I will tell you ->I actually have more than 20 patterns designed and I will be working on them slowly but surely to get them written and made so that I can share some….Magazines work so far in advance it’s going to take awhile to actually show what I submitted to them.

I am designing mostly Modern quilts. I actually have many different designs planned….but the modern ones are what is gaining attention, they seem to be the easiest for me to write…but also I love any quilt with negative space so I can do fabulous quilting. So I, of course want to highlight that portion of my craft. I do have some traditional designs made as well. In fact I am designing a few patterns for a traditional fabric designer only using her lines of fabric. It’s not as easy as I thought that might sound…:) But I love her lines of fabrics. So I have some in the works….I am really excited about two of them .

So I know that modern quilts aren’t everyone’s cup of tea…but I am designing all sorts of quilts and it will take time to get a complete variety accomplished.

I am also going to have a whole series of “Spiritual” quilts. This is what started this whole thing….and I have so many ideas for inspirational quilts. So I really want to make a whole section of my patterns that are geared soul-y ( like that? hehe) towards God. He gave me this talent. He has lead me thus far. He has also been with me every step of the way. I have no idea if all of this will work out…there are always bumps in the road…..but I am going to work hard!

I heard this quote yesterday and I just believe in it whole heartedly “Take the leap of Faith and the Net will appear”

Yes. Indeed. I am taking that leap.

I feel rejuvenated in a way. I am facing new challenges. Learning new things and I am going to have to work looooonnngg hours once again to accomplish all of these goals I have set for myself. But as I know in my life…… It’s worth it.


I hope you find the things in your path that let you know that the “net will appear…..and that it’s worth it”

Blessings to all of you!


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