Allietare by Felicia

Felicia sent her Allietare…it’s my first one of the season. This is Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt of 2015. I really like this mystery quilt…I may have to make it.:) I have all of these colors in my stash too. 🙂



Felicia is a great quilter and I always love seeing what she sends along. I think she is a Bonnie Hunter fan ( like many of us) because she has done several of her patterns (so have I)….and I love quilting them.



I quilted all over feathers in the center of the quilt, then quilted straight lines about half an inch apart in the border. Felicia is going to scallop the border when it gets home….and I must admit I am a sucker for a scalloped border.

048 049 050

The lighting was not cooperating when I was snapping photos… I was getting many angles for you to see the wonderful border…..:)

052 053 054Here’s the back:


055 056

Thanks Felicia! It’s always a pleasure working with you…it was sad to part with your quilt…I am in love with it. 🙂

many blessings!


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