Alaskan Winters

Ruth sent this quilt to me…she lives on the west side of my state. 🙂 


As soon as I saw this art work on the fabrics It reminded me of my childhood. I grew up in Alaska and I am sure this has to be the same Author/artist that was from AK.  I read the books and I am sure they visited our school.  I can’t remember the name…but I definitely remember the art work and images. Beautiful work. Of course it’s not everyday art that depicts Eskimos and snow ect. So that was the culture I grew up with. 

061 062 063Ruth did a great job making the quilt. It’s a great pattern providing lots of fun …movement ect. I added lots of textures. Snowflakes, swirls, loops ect. It was fun.

063 064 065

It’s nice to have a little wonder and fun isn’t it?

Thanks Ruth! always a pleasure working with you!

Many blessings for the holiday!


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