Alaskan Scenes

105I have seen these Alaskan fabrics several times. They are all so beautiful. each person showcases them differently. They are all interesting and beautiful. that is one reason I love my job so much. I get to see all the variations and interpretations of peoples works and ideas. It makes me look at things differently. I love that.

106 107

I did some outlines ect in the scenic panels. In the open black background spaces I quilted little scenes or natural-organic type designs to bring it all together.

107 108

I framed it all in with a fern.

109 110

Thanks Judy! It’s always a pleasure working with you! You are always a blessing.

I hope you all have a scenic day!


4 thoughts on “Alaskan Scenes

  1. What a great way to showcase that fabric within the bear paw pattern! And, as usual, your quilting just added to the showcase. Great job by both of you!

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