Advent Calendar & A Snowy Welcome

Well as you all know I trade work with people. Karin is one of those people. She is always so kind and a fabulous piecer.

I can’t wait to do some of her projects…I fear I have kept her so busy sewing my own projects she doesn’t have time for her own? LOLIMG_7857

These are a few of the projects she has made for me….I am in LOVE! I have wanted an Advent calendar for some time. Clarissa and I are cut from the same cloth and we love this sort of thing. I imagine that this will be passed down to her children when she has some….because she loves this. It is difficult trying to pinpoint exactly what you want until you see it sometimes. I didn’t want a santa themed one…..Some of the trees are cute…..I debated a few. But then when I saw this I just loved it. It’s from Connecting threads. The dog in the prints also reminded me of Brodie…..which we lost this past Christmas but he is still filled in many years worth of memories…good ones. So I just knew this had to be for us. IMG_7859

I feel bad that I didn’t get this quilted for last Christmas. I had it out in November until now to get it on the frame. But with all of the house projects and work……I just didn’t get it on there. That happens sometimes. I could just hang it up now….because I still have all of my other Christmas quilts hanging. LOL I really need to change those out again.  Am I a little behind? Always. I am taking it to Beth to bind today….and then I will attach the buttons at the bottom which hold the numbers to display the amount of days left. We will be using it this year for sure. IMG_7858

With the scraps Karin put together this welcome sign. Isn’t it just adorable?IMG_7855

I am going to attach some little buttons for his body. After it gets bound. I am so blessed to work with such great people. We all get to use the best of our gifts to bless each other and save each other. 🙂IMG_7856


Thanks Karin….you are a blessing!

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