ABC’S no longer a UFO

I have shared this many times…but the reason I started Quilting is because in the Late 90’s early 2000’s one of my Bestie’s Courtney and her Mom  ( thanks Ladies!!) taught me how to embroider. I fell in love with the designs and the handwork. Once I started doing all of those stitcheries-> I needed to find a way to sew them together.

It was a steep learning curve for me to sew. trust me….I had no clue how to do anything or what a quarter inch seem was….cutting fabric was a whole other issue for me. But hard work and persistence pays off…because look at me now!! LOL  Do any of us ever feel like experts? I sure don’t. I actually think the beautiful thing about quilting is that there is always something new to learn. It keeps us on our toes.

Anyway, back in the day —YEARS ago…15 ish. I was also broke and couldn’t afford the fabric like I can now…and I didn’t really have a stash. So I would use what I had and make the most of it. as you will see ….i this project ,its not the prettiest. So I had a box of projects that were already traced and sewed together…just waiting for the embroidery to be completed. This is one of them.

095   Pretty hideous?

I used yellow for everything…I really like yellow….but this doesn’t seem like the proper shade of yellow..haha. I also remember buying this Noah’s ark Fabric from a  Christmas Sale….I was so excited to find something marked down so low and I didn’t look like Christmas.


Anyway, I sort of have this “thing” that since I started it I needed to finish it. I am not in love with it…but it’s complete.


I actually like the ABC designs… and it totally takes me back to my kids. I made quilts for them using these designs. I even made little wall hangings with the names using these designs way back then. I have them saved for them. So maybe as hideous as this is it will be wanted by one of them when they have a baby?? ( probably not) …but I have it here in case….in conjures up nostalgia for any of them.

098-001 099  100-001

What I really love most about this is that it is complete and no longer looming in the background. I have I think 7-8 Christmas stitcheries done as well …I just need to quilt them and then I believe all of those UFO’s are completed and off the list. Problem is that I have now acquired my grandmas UFO’s and I am sorting through those to see if I need to get help with some of those. I have this weird thing with UFO’s. I just feel the need to get them completed. I go through this every now and again…and I just have too many sitting.

Anyway…..I hope you all have an Awesome day!

4 thoughts on “ABC’S no longer a UFO

  1. I really like it and I am not truly in love with that dark a yellow. That is how I started quilting. I taught myself to hand embroider and then had to put them together.

  2. Oh Charisma, I think it’s so sweet!
    And no, I don’t think we ever feel like experts, at least I don’t and
    I’ve been making quilts for 30 years! Actually I may have regressed
    a little lol
    It’s a wonderful journey, isn’t it? I used to hate looking at my early projects
    but I’ve grown to love them for who I was at that time.
    It’s all good!
    Wow, that lemon yellow is bright! 😀

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