ABC’S and Log Cabin Wreaths

012Felicia sent these quilts and I especially love this ABC quilt. The reason is because each letter was pieced with fabric representative of the letter. How awesome is that? Felicia is very detail oriented like that and I love that!

013I quilted a traditional baptist fan all over the top of this because of the very traditional school house.

014so fun!

This next one is a log cabin quilt and I quilted it with 9 wreaths to create motion.

015see the circles?

016 017My circle templates have been getting a work out lately…and I love it!

018 019Thanks Felicia! always a pleasure working with you!

I hope you have an awesome day!



2 thoughts on “ABC’S and Log Cabin Wreaths

  1. You are sooooo talented! I’m always amazed at your vision for quilting exactly what each quilt needs to make it spectacular! You are truly blessed with that gift!

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