A Year of Stitches

This is day 5 of my “Year of Stitches” I opted to fill a butterfly outline. I have to say that this butterfly is filling up even faster than I had thought….because it’s so addicting it’s difficult to stop some mornings. 🙂

I started a facebook group called a “Year of stitches” based on the challenge that started last year …you can read about that here. and Here.

so I thought I would start a FB group with my friends as I thought it was interesting…I had already started the video tutorials for my wool penny projects and this just fit right in ….so there are no rules. You can work on wool pennies ( or confetti) or anything else. The jist of it is to just stitch a little each day. You can time yourself or not.  …I also thought I would add some ideas for the stitching instead of filling in a hoop. So I made a little video for that as well..it’s posted in the group with my suggestions and ideas.

Sandy started a wool Penny project:

Anne started a wool Confetti Project:

Pat started stitching this scenic piece:

So the goal is to post a picture of our daily progress..although there are no real rules..if you wanted to post weekly for a more dramatic effect….that’s perfectly fine too…This is just a snipet of the pictures in the group ( I didn’t want to share unless I knew they wouldn’t mind..so I will ask the other group members if it’s ok if I share their photos later). There are so many good ideas and inspiration in the group. We are all learning from each other and being inspired by the art that is happening. I am really excited about it.  

Feel free to join us….it’s just a god group of gals who love to hand stitch and we are all learning new things.

I hope you have a wonderful day! I gotta get some stitching time in…:)


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