A Vintage Beauty & Baby Roses

Kathy brought these to me …she is always so sweet. IMG_8855

The Trip Around the World quilt was made by her mom YEARS ago. It’s all polyester and different fabrics. It’s so tactile and comfy. I love that about these types of quilts.IMG_8856 IMG_8857

These types of quilts were made to be tied maybe? They don’t like stretch frames all that much…..so when you quilt them you have to float them and start  somewhere in the middle of the quilt so that you can quilt out and not stretch the materials out.  I also quilted stipple with roses….I needed a looser type of design to help with the stretchy material.  I think it quilted out beautiful. Now it’s a useable quilt ….made for it’s intended purpose to be used & loved. IMG_8858IMG_8859

Kathy just had a granddaughter and made this cute quilt. Soft & pretty. IMG_8860

I quilted with ribbons & roses…I framed it all in with a feather. IMG_8861

Thanks Kathy! I hope you had a great trip! IMG_8862





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