A trip Around the World

The name of this pattern is also true of this quilt…it made it here from Florida and now it’s back home…so it kind of did make quite the trip ( most of the quilts you see here actually do travel)


Karin sent these to me…we have been trading for several years now…she is a great lady to work with and I always love her projects.


This is a famous color way in this part of the country because of the Seahawks. Nobody in my house is actually a fan of the Seahawks……but it seems everyone in town loves the seahawks. When my family went to game they sat on the opposite side…LOL.


But this is a beautiful example of color and it looks like water.


I wanted to bring the pattern out with different quilting designs.


There are swirls, ferns, feathers and leaves.

Here is the back:

006I am so happy with this quilt. So beautiful!

Thanks Karin! Always a pleasure working with you!



6 thoughts on “A trip Around the World

  1. beautiful. In what order do you quilt something like this. I’m a beginning LA quilter and wonder if you would graph it out and plan it and then sew edge to edge and pick up where you left off, or do you start in the center and radiate out?

  2. Ha – how’d I miss this post? As always, it was YOUR QUILTING that makes it spectacular. It was funny to see these colors referenced to the Seahawks – truthfully, I’m not even sure what sport that is….I chose those colors just because they’re kind of ocean-y and we live down here at the beach (yeah, right below where Hurricane Hermine hit) and they’re pretty prevalent. The quilt is actually for one of my twin daughters, though, and I wanted her to think about us more often! hehe, no manipulation there, eh?

    I don’t know HOW you do it, but your quilting always adds just the right touch to bring out the beauty in the piecing…I’m curious too, how do you know what to put in each block? I just look at them and wonder, what should I do here? And then I either get out my walking foot and do some stitching in the ditch or make the wise choice to bundle it up and ship it to you!

    Love ya, Girlfriend!! My gratitude knows no bounds!!

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