A Stunning Crazy Quilt…and Embroidered Fairies

Carol Sent this STUNNING crazy quilt. I love traditional ( well actually all) crazy quilts..but this one is more traditional. It is just so beautiful and intersting to look at.
Each block has so many embellishments and personality….I wonder if I have to send it back?

I wonder if she will miss it?
She only wanted me to quilt viney leaves in the sashing and border..that way it could be held together…honestly that is all I could have done..there are way to many embellishments..I had a few close calls in the sashing area because some beads were sewn in…Thank God I didn’t sew over them….I would still be crying over a broken machine..LOL
Clarissa came in while I was working on it and said “Oh Mom that quilt is so beautiful!…..I just love this flower..oh..did you see this..or did you see that? Mom is just soooooo…sooo ( she couldn’t find the right word to describe what she was feeling) ..she just loved it…is all she could say.
You know when something really stands out…my kids see so many quilts …..if they actually comment on one…well that means it’s outstanding. This is how she and I felt about this one…beautiful.
None of it’s beauty is because of me..I merely just assembled it …Carol did all the work. The back is a black velvet..I wasn’t sure how it would photograph.

The second quilt is equally alot of work. embroidery, applique, mitered borders..These beautiful fairies will be sure to help that special someone sleep comfy and cozy.
I echoed the embroidered fairies…..in the borders…I quilted all the stems of each flower…I simply wanted to accent the print in the fabric…that seemed like the only solution….I love the way it turned out…then I loosely quilted around the faires in the fabric….it all creates a lovely effect…..

Thank you so much Carol for giving us a chance to quilt for you..we appreciate the opportunity!

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