A Soft Sampler

Joni made this sampler. I believe it was a BOM for her LQS?IMG_7796IMG_7807

It’s so pretty! I am fan of yellow….and this butter yellow floral is beautiful! It softens everything up and brings it all together. There is still plenty of contrast…but that yellow is just beautiful.IMG_7810

I tried to get a few close ups of the blocks so you can see how I quilted them. They are each quilted differently…that’s the fun of sampler quilts. 🙂IMG_7808IMG_7800 IMG_7799 IMG_7798 IMG_7797IMG_7812

Lots of leaves, swirls, continuous curves, stipple and I framed it all in with a feather. IMG_7811

The yellow fabric is on the back as well. IMG_7813Thanks Joni! It’s a beautiful quilt! I hope you love it!

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