A Scrappy Came Back Home…Isn’t She Lovely?

OK so a few months back I decided my scrap bin was over flowing…..and well I don’t have much free time to piece my own quilts anymore..I am working on making time now (that I am a drop out..LOL) and I can’t bear throwing them out…i love scrap quilts..i love everything they represent. They are comfortable they have stories…stories of how they were a part of something different at one time…they were the ‘left overs” and they can be made into something useful, beautiful and have purpose. I have felt that way many times in my own life..and to think about throwing the scraps away because they are no longer good? or they already served a purpose for me…weird right? as if they have feelings?? I know but I am so that way…..I get connected to weird things…So when I see a scrap quilt, I see everything they represent and find true beauty in that…..I have given many away as well… so someone else may have that treasure…but I wanted to keep some for myself.

So getting back to the plan…I posted an add on the quiltingboard to see if anyone would be willing to trade. Piecing my scraps into quilts for long arm quilting services.   I had a HUGE response. LOL So I emptied all of my scraps into many flat rate boxes…and sent them all over the USA and Canada.

The rule was….use as many scraps as you can…surprise me with whatever pattern you make….You can make as many quits as you want with your box..but to keep in mind that I would quilt roughly the same size quilt for them that they pieced for me. So basically don’t make me a baby quilt and send me a king size quilt for quilting. Let’s keep it fair. Send back any un-used scraps…oh the other rule was…(because I am a fabric snob) If you need to add anything please contact me and i will send background fabric…cause i only use LQS quality fabrics..( I didn’t want anyone to hate me…so I would totally foot the bill for that)…..So today one returned…I was so excited…..Lori made me one quilt….I have to say this give us a whole new meaning to “multiplying scraps…..It doesn’t even look like she made a dent in the box of scraps and this is a twin size quilt…LOL.


I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE my quilt..I am pretty sure I squealed when I opened it. Sabrina was with me when it came….  Oh I am so excited!..I am going to hang it up in my studio and figure out how I am going to quilt it….This will be a fun project for me while I am on hiatus after Christmas..LOL. Don’t you all just LOVE it?

Charisma Traveling Scrappy #1


2 thoughts on “A Scrappy Came Back Home…Isn’t She Lovely?

  1. Hi Charisma, WOW!!! It’s beautiful! What a great way to use up extra’s. Lori did an amazing job! I love the pattern she used! Doing things in trade really works!! Looking forward to seeing it hanging in your studio!!

    Looking forward to seeing your other surprise quilts returned too!!!


  2. That is nice…. I love the colors and the pattern is unique. I cant wait to see what you do to it. Blessings T

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