A Pansy CoveredTrellis

Kathy sent this for LAQ. It’s so pretty. It looks like Grandma’s Garden. It just feels comfortable and pretty. IMG_8828

I love the pansy fabric. I usually see a lot of lilac fabric and not a lot of Pansy fabric. Pansies are always just as beautiful. IMG_8830 IMG_8831

I have a few little pansies in my yard..but they are yellow. IMG_8827

My Iris’ are putting on a show this week though…and they are purple:IMG_8824 IMG_8825 IMG_8826

I have these all over the yard because I like the greenery even when there isn’t any flowers. They are very hearty and originally came from my Grandma’s yard. 🙂

But getting back to Kathy’s quilt-> it’s difficult to see because lighting wasn’t all that great for pictures. But I quilted it with all over feathers. IMG_8829IMG_8832 IMG_8833

The back:IMG_8834

Thanks Kathy! It’s always a pleasure working with you! I hope you have a blessed day!

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