A Normal Tuesday in November 2011

A Tuesday I will never get back again….right?>

Well today my cleaning lady Angie came over. I hate calling her my “cleaning lady”…Cause she is actually my friend and Sister in Christ. We talk about God every time she comes and we share..I feel bad because she always knocks paid time off her hours because of us talking…so I am paying her anyway.
She is such a beautiful woman…and recently saved….It is a lovely experience to watch.

I quilted today…of course.

I also went to Tuesday night Bible study…it’s a group study for anyone…and Rob went.
We studied Mathew 4:5 through 5-12.

It was a good study and I felt like I had many scriptures in my mind..which makes me feel good because I know I am retaining some information I need.
So A special Scripture for the day:

Proverbs 11:25
He ( or her) who refreshes others will himself (or herself) be refreshed.

I thought that was fitting because this weeks proverbs are 7-9 ( so this is for next weeks…we get a head start)

So I say refresh a friend, neighbor or co-worker..it will do a body good! Have a good night!
Many Blessings

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