A New Year & a New list

So I will make a re-cap of my holidays and end of year personal post at some point. I have been on vacation and avoiding the computer. I have a difficult time getting in any type of routine when my whole family is home. I am not sure why…it is just that way. But now they are all back in school or work.

So I had posted a few times on my FB page asking for lists from my friends of what their “dream” projects were or what is on their own personal to-do lists. I think as quilters we all have this affliction…especially since we have pinterest, fb & instagram. We are all flooded with so many images and projects that we love. I keep adding things to my list…there is no possible way I can accomplish all that I love. seriously. I think adding projects to my list is just as addicting as buying fabric. But I will probably never stop looking for inspiration…because that would kill me. So that’s never going on a fast.

So I have a list that I created just by looking in my studio. Seriously. I have set aside many projects in my own stash from patterns and fabrics that I already have. I also have a few that I want to add as I go along…..But this list is off the cuff….

1. Gabrielle’s Wish ( got the pattern off of FB last year) Have my fabric set aside.

Gabrielle's wish


2. 1890 9 patch I also got this pattern from FB & have my fabric set aside

3. I have a few patterns and fabric “kits” set aside for my quilt curve ruler. Yes. many indeed. Love that rule & pattern line

4. UFO’s – This covers only a few. But one is this tree project that I have been thinking about for years…I just need to get it out and work on it.

5. Grand illusion mystery quilt

5. Moda Modern Building blocks ( I am about halfway through these)

6. English Manor DA quilt

7. Sue Spargo Birds



8. Another Wool Penny quilt

9. I have about 5 embroidery projects started. ( maybe more) Mostly Crabapple Hill designs

10. Rainbow Garden

rainbow garden

11. Pumpkin Wool project

12. primitive gatherings quilt

13. I need to finish my Dear jane

14. Farmers Wife

15. Perkiomen Daydreams..I have all of my blocks done for 1 quilt…but I am actually going to make another. 🙂

16. Quilting all of my quilt tops. I was sorting the other day…and I honestly think it’s something I can accomplish this year. 🙂 We shall see. I get more hung up on what to quilt …rather than actually quilting them.

17. Women Of the Bible Block of the week. I am caught up on this. About halfway through. Will be done with blocks sometime in May.

18.Fabric Patch Mystery Quilt

19. Tree skirt

20. crazy quilt

So Yes! I have quite the list just off the top of my head. 🙂

I hope you all have a wonderful day! I need to get crackin!

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