A New Start and a New Quilt

Well it’s a new start…..

~ new school year

~to a new week

~ new priorities …I am revamping some things in my life. So you know how when you get out of balance and some things fall short because you can’t fit in everything? Then you have to re-evaluate and re-prioritize. Yeah. That’s where I am. Gotta create balance again.

~ finishing up some new projects…so I can start more new projects. I have to tell you all of the projects we started last week…are coming along ( not fast enough for me…and my impatience) I will be so happy when they are finished…and I can already picture my yard next year.  as soon as my storage she is finished I will be having a yard sale to get rid of some things in storage. That way I can clean out and get everything in our storage shed that we need in the storage shed.

~We are helping another family from church.

She is a single mom. She has been part of my bible study this past year. She works graveyard and needs a place for her first grader to sleep. I said of course I can do that. She wants her daughter in a routine and a safe environment.  I can offer her both of those things and we don’t mind. Clarissa has a full-size bed. So Maya sleeps with Clarissa and they get ready for school together and walk together. Works out beautifully. I know what it’s like to be a single mom and just need an extra helping hand.

~ New Relationships.

Rather adjusting old relationships into a new category. That is never easy. The family (with which we had the squabble) ..we are all adjusting to the new relationship. I think the discomfort on our part is gone. I have no problem going to church with them or beside them. They know where I stand….I know where they stand. Rob and I talked about this a lot. Church family is just like any other family. I love my brother and sister ( the ones facing trial) and I could sit next to them in church. Would I trust them to lead my children. NO! However, interestingly enough I did tell Rob this….which I think is quite funny…..and true. In a sick way. I might actually rather leave my kids with my CRAZY brother and Sister for an afternoon than this family from church.  Reason: My brother and sister don’t disguise their crazy. It’s plain as day. My kids could & would spot it out and know and stay away from them and not believe their lies or fall in the trap. However the family that “disguises” their crazy with love, nurturing and grace…is a whole other ball game. I would rather take plain out and out crazy any day.   Good news is ..I don’t have to make a choice..my kids won’t be hanging with any of them….and it’s all good. LOL.

~ A new quilt. IMG_6191

I bought a quilt. I know crazy right?

Why would I need another quilt? NEED…is probably not the right word. Want is the right word. I was browsing on-line and  found a pattern I liked..I was looking in the shop. They had a kit for another pattern I liked..then I saw that the quilt was for sale. AND…….Get this…AND…..the sample was made using Amy Butler Fabric. AND…Get this…..it wasn’t much more than the kit and pattern…so I thought..what they Hay! I might as well save myself the trouble of adding to my to-do list and just buy the quilt.  No guilt right?IMG_6192 IMG_6193 IMG_6194

So here it is…It’s from Anka’s treasures. Heather Mulder Peterson ,i love her fabrics & patterns! I own several already. So I am just going to say that this was an investment….since it’s by a famous quilter…right?

I think quilters appreciate quilts more than anyone else…so I just couldn’t let it go to a home that wouldn’t treasure it..after all….Amy Butler fabrics….come on? IMG_6195well I hope you all have a spendid day! My kids will be home any minute. My rest for the day is over. LOL


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