A New Ironing Board

I would have posted this yesterday…but it wasn’t finished until last night…so I finally get to post pics. YAY! I love having a  finished project. No matter what it is…craft, quilt, scrapbook, yard project….even a completed dinner ..which I do almost every night. Right? There is always that sense of accomplishment. I am one of those star chart kids so seeing the finished projects motivates me.

I like starting projects..I kind of waiver a bit in the middle and then I like to finish strong. I feel that way when I load a quilt too…I like to start it…then the second or third roll I get impatient…and have to take a few breaks…..when I know I am on that last roll…I can always just get it done..so I can see it.  I wonder how other people work?

Anyway This is my old set up for ironing: IMG_6217 IMG_6218


A regular board…but it’s shoved against the cutting table and taking up space in the walkway. The space behind it under the bag hooks is free. So Rob and the boys took leftover wood from other projects and made a table that would fit right in that spot.  It’s 49 inches long…which is still long enough for ironing yardage..and I can pull it out to iron a big cut or quilt. It’s also wider than my normal board. We used red paint because we already had it….and it was paint & primer in one. So we might as well use right? I like red. IMG_6304 IMG_6305

Then I bought some Amy Butler home dec fabric to put on the top..along with a couple layers of cotton batting. I also used the silver heat-resistant fabric you use in potholders between the layers.  Just for some added protection.  So my staple gun got some use. YAY! LOLIMG_6306


SO I still need to do some cleaning…don’t looks so closely at the photos. 🙂 But this is the table in it’s new home. IMG_6307IMG_6309


CLUTTER? Is that a good word? I will be straightening  some things and re-organizing….but I am glad to have another finished project and more space. Space is a hot commodity in my house. Just saying. LOL Gotta make the most of every inch.

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