A New Family Member & Life Around Here.

I have been so busy……not the bad kind of busy. The good kind of busy. Busy with taking care of myself & my family. Thinking about life and what changes I need to make for this next chapter in my life.

I have been against getting any more animals for a long time….I always say that and now it’s not going to be believed by anyone near me. ha! I say that because I have so much responsibility and sometimes you just want the freedom…you know?

Everyone wants to get the animals and then the novelty wears off and I am stuck with all of the work…or nobody does the work. Also people are not consistent in this house. They treat the animals like little babies rather than pets which causes a whole host of issues. So we have had to learn the hard way that you don’t do that.  I don’t want to make it sound terrible because the good out weighs the bad ..but when I am the lone ranger ….it gets difficult for me.

So on my many walks alone..sometimes at weird times I was really feeling vulnerable outside alone. I watch a lot of crime shows,  I think,  because I was thinking that a dog might be a good thing to have on my walks & jogs. I was thinking about it for about a month. I brought it up to Rob a couple of times. I wanted a scary dog. Like a rottweiler or Doberman. Rob said he would like another dog but not a scary one. I wanted a dog that could easily run several miles and not get worn out. Those 2-> up above fit that category. Rob wanted a lab. *sigh* I know a lab could handle the exercise no problem.  I see a lab and I don’t think Scary….like at all. There is a reason it’s the number one dog in America.

Kali Puppy picThis is the picture they sent me to see if I wanted her.


Rob wanted me to find a lab like Brodie ( Brodie was our yellow lab..he died a few years ago). An American Lab. They are bulkier, heavier with big blocky heads. I have to admit that I really like the look of them as well. But while I was looking-> I could only find some that would have to be shipped and after everything was said & done I would be paying 2000$ for a lab. Really? I don’t think that’s in the budget. SO I started looking for any labs in my area. I found a puppy in Spokane Area. I wanted a yellow one…mainly because Brodie was yellow and we just loved him so much….I don’t know- you love what you know, Right? Well the only puppy they had left was a black female.  So I thought about it and said we would take her. She is going to be on the small side for sure..which is ok with me…..and she isn’t not real bulky at all…her features are pretty dainty. But I am pretty sure she will be a good runner…which is part of why I wanted her.

We named her Kali. Kali means “The black one” . It’s a Hindu Goddess That protects women from all men. It’s an evil GOddess…but My Kali isn’t evil.

We picked her up on Friday. She is adorable & sweet. She is pretty vocal….she was traumatized because all of her siblings left on Monday ..so her birth parents said that she had been pretty upset, crying and feeling abandoned. She had a clogged tear duct from crying so much. Well getting her to our house was a 2 hour drive….She couldn’t get comfortable so Rob & I were doing our best to comfort her.

Once we got home we played and tried to get her acclimated. That proved to be difficult because she was so upset. It has been 6 days and she is just starting to come around and feel comfortable. She hasn’t been acting like a puppy. She doesn’t tug on her leash..she doesn’t explore. She is so worried about being left ..she needs to see a human at all times. It wasn’t until yesterday that she could let me walk away from her and feel ok about it.

Kali first day 103015 Kali First day home Oct 30 2015

This is her first night home.

I have been taking her out 3 times a day for walks. About a mile or 2 each. Trying to get her worn out and comfortable with running. We start obedience classes in a few weeks. After she gets to be a bit older we will go for more training. But I am going to sink a bunch of time into her so that she will become my running partner, eventually. It will take time. But I find it ironic that I wanted a big Scary dog…Rob says no….and I get another anxious -nervous dog. *sigh* I blame Rob. Next time I am not letting him choose. Seriously.

Her & Gracie are friends:)

Gracie & Kali Nov 2015

Gracie gets anxious when the little one starts barking & carrying on…..but already Gracie is more protective when it comes to other dogs barking at them. I took them both on a walk..Gracie was more vocal & protective with Kali around.  So I think that’s a good thing.

Hopefully, after Kali gets more comfortable and with training we can get her to let go of her anxiety & nerves. In the mean time we are trying to potty train and find chew toys she likes. 🙂

I think we finally have a good sleeping pattern….that I can live with.

Here’s a sleeping baby photo:

Kali Sleeping Nov 2015

So I am just rolling with life ( as my friend Carla says) you just can’t ever say never…right? You just don’t know what life will bring you. I have a “need” for a dog. A running partner that can go with me 6 days a week. I have so many goals to work on and running is on the agenda when I work up to it. I am currently training..I will give you that update on the 10th. I have so much to share….family photos, senior portraits and quilts. It’s been a busy time of year for us. But it’s all been good busy as I said before. Work is going well. Rob is finally home on a regular schedule. Cole got a winter job at a local car dealership. Carl & Cole are doing well in college. Clarissa is doing well….and she is trying to prove to us that she can be a dog owner of her own by stepping up to take care of our current dogs. We shall see.Preston just completed drivers Ed…..:) His birthday is in April….and then I will have another driver in the house. It doesn’t seem possible.

My family all went to a haunted Theme park. My brother and BIL went as well as some friends. We all had a great time…..I hate scary things…so it was a sacrifice for my family.  But I think I handled most things well.

I am really trying to push myself , experience new things and open myself up to possibilities. It’s been part of my journey.



There will be quilts tomorrow–I promise. 🙂 I have to go walk my dog now. 🙂



4 thoughts on “A New Family Member & Life Around Here.

  1. Your Kali is beautiful. She will be a great dog for you, even though you may think she won’t be protective, they seem to know when something is wrong and will protect you best they can. You won’t be disappointed. She just needs lots of love and time. I think you did “good”.

  2. I love your new dog….makes me want to get another myself. But…..alas, I really can’t take care of one properly, so no more dogs for me. But your little Kali is a real beauty. My last dog was a German Shepherd named Mister Blackstone. I raised him from a small pup, he was “birthed” on a rug by my bedside the first day I came home from having a baby of my own….so he was special. He lived to an old age for a dog, and a little bit of my heart went with him when he died.
    I know you will enjoy Kali….and that she will give many hours of enjoyment and fun to your family…AND she will also do the major job of accompanying you on your daily runs!!
    My best….and give her a good pat on the head for me. My cat, Lord Spotswood sends alone his blessings!

  3. Charisma, Kali is adorable. You will come to love her so much that you’ll wonder why there was any doubt.
    When we replaced our old sweet dog, we went to the Humane Society. We ended up with an interesting Afenpinscher mix, very busy. But, he’s fine now, and we love him. And even at 26#s, he has no problem keeping up with my fast paced 3 mile daily walks. And he is good company.

  4. Kali is a beauty Charisma! She will be a great companion for your walks and runs. Keep up the good work and give your new furbaby a hug from me.

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