A Modern Double Wedding Ring


Kathy brought me this quilt and I am in love with it!  She got the inspiration from the book you can find here.

It’s called “Double Wedding Ring Quilts; Traditions made modern”

there are several examples of double wedding ring quilts. I will always-always love when I see a traditional quilt made modern and changed. It’s one of my most favorite things to do in my own quilts. Whether is changing a fabric choice, color choice, or quilting design or any combination.

031 030

You can see in Kathy’s version there is a hint of traditional with colors, embroidery but the fractured and whole rings are very modern and she wanted me to quilt it modern. So I did a combination of designs…lines and little bits of things here and there.

028 027My pictures don’t give this quilt justice…I was so happy with the finish and excited to work on it.

026 025 024Beautiful job Kathy! Always a pleasure to work with you!


I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day!

xoxox Charisma

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