A Marathon of T-Shirts by LaLa Lori

La La Lori sent me this quilt which is representative of her journey of races and marathons. I am always amazed and inspired by these types of quilts. I am always honored to be even such a small part of these types of quilts.

This quilt is representative of her many hours, years, blood , sweat and tears of training. This inspires me.

I get many comments about how I inspire people in certain ways…well aplace that I am lacking? I need inspiration in physical activity.The way I grew updidn’t promote that typeof activity. When I could jog a full mile straight through without stopping I actually cried. LOL It was such a HUGE goal for me. ( that was in my 30’s ..maybe i was 29?)Not that I could do that right now. But seeing this quilt..makes me start thinking and dreaming of starting over and building up to that again. So in short I am inspired. If we arenot all here to inspire each other and keep eachother lifted up….well than why breathe! Right?

This is why i am always willing to share what I know..in the grand scheme of things….I relaly want to help anyway I can….


getting back to LORI’s quilt..she asked for a “Charisma Curls” across everything.

I also put in hidden writing somewhere….Can you see it?

La La Lori

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