A Few Things and a Quilt

Hi friends,

I just wanted to share a few things and I will share a scrap quilt I made over the summer That I  forgot to share.

  1. I know there has been a few issues with being able to post comments on my site. I am really sorry. For some reason I have been attacked in some pretty harsh ways. There was a point over the summer where anytime someone typed in my site name it brought up porn. That took us a week to figure out. It was some sort of Brute force attack and it took some time to clear up. I think that is just awful. I keep getting malware and what not loaded onto the site. So in order to bypass that I have to have all of these security features. I am really sorry.   *If you happen to have FB you can like my page and my blog post are automatically uploaded there and you can comment freely without all of the mess.* If you don’t you can always email me charismah@msn(dot)com
  2. So I have officially booked my trip to England in the Spring. I will not be taking quilts from May 5th Until June. I also have a son Graduating in June so I wont be operating full speed ahead once I get back. I will take a few….and work as I can But won’t hold to any strict deadlines. I will be giving reminders along the way. But I know there are Quilt shows and fairs during that time and I am just giving everyone time to adjust their schedules.
  3. Christmas is approaching and if you have Christmas gifts that need to be completed this year-> I would make contact because I am already booking Christmas quilts. Just a reminder. 054  Over the summer I had a bunch of 1.5 inch strips that were leftover from another project , so I decided to add some of my fun picnic themed fabrics from my stash…and made a bunch of tube blocks.

You can find that tutorial here:


I have made a few of these quilts just to use my stash & scraps.

061 060It’s not the most gorgeous quilt that I have ever made….I admit. But it’s charming and perfect for a picnic or stadium quilt. Who can’t use those?

057 056 055 I also had some leftover end pieces from the Tube strips and I wasn’t going to put those back in the bin. So I made a little table runner:

052 051Here are the back of them:

053059Thanks so much!

I hope you all have a lovely week!


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