A Few More For Mike

Michael decided to bring me several at one time..mainly because he was coming to visit…..:)

So I actually still have a few more left for him. But these were all of the easy all over ones. So I worked them in between other projects.

The first two are smaller baby quilts. Fun designs.

This first one I just quilted a double bubble.


IMG_9894 IMG_9895 IMG_9896


This cute 30’s one I quilted all over flowers. Check out the back….it’s just one piece of fabric..pretty nifty, right?


IMG_9899 IMG_9900


Here is the back. IMG_9901

Then this last one is a HUGE ONE……and it was a round Robin from lat year. Many of us in the group chose a 30’s theme. Mike Loves 30’s fabric. So this got an over all design…except the center star I did put in some continuous curves.

IMG_9969 IMG_9970 IMG_9971 IMG_9972 IMG_9968

This will be an everyday used quilt so he wanted a simple design.  It turned out lovely.

I hope you all have a beautiful day! I have to get to work on his next few.:)

One thought on “A Few More For Mike

  1. Wonderful! I’m going to have a house full of as many quilts as you soon…..actually scratch that. Never in a MILLION years will I have as many as you do at this moment! 🙂

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