A Few Flimsies~ Scrappy Swoon & Scrappy 500

I am really trying to get all of the WIP’s off my cutting table before the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt that starts on the 29th. IMG_7268

YAY! IMG_7269

One of them is the Scrappy HST Quilt. I started this after my last one. But I didn’t have enough charms…so I cut a few yards of 2 different browns that I had and made a brown constant to bring me to 500. I actually think I will make another one of these using gray or white as a constant.  They are quick & easy to use as a project in between others. I don’t know if quick is truly the right word? It’s just that I sew a few here and there and before you know it they are done. Then I will press them while talking on the phone or watching a  favorite show. Then I clip the dog ears…. But it does take a few hours to sew them into blocks and what not. IMG_7274

I can’t start another until I build up some scraps and cut them into charms. IMG_7275

I also finished this this week. I didn’t really have much left to do…but I kept putting it off. So I finally just got it done. Once I got the blocks done..it only took about an hour to get the top together. But I did add a border to bring it up to size (after I took the pic) …..I added a border that blends into the background…I didn’t want the the border to compete with the star. I think this quilt looks better with more variety of scraps. But I really wanted specific colors & to use stash only. So I have no variety.  I think I would make this again.You can find the link to the free tutorial here.IMG_7263

It’s still needs to be pressed in these photos as well…..but you get the idea. IMG_7264 IMG_7265 IMG_7266 IMG_7267

So two down…one more to go! YAY! feels good!


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